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does counselling really work

Does counselling really work

Compared to thirty years ago, attitudes towards counselling have changed radically. In the past, people who ‘went on the couch’ were viewed with suspicion and assumed to be extremely unstable, whereas these days the question of ‘are you having counselling’ can be one of the first used to assess how someone is going to get

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Three steps to increased confidence

Confidence is one of those things that can be likened to a muscle. If practiced it will become stronger, if left to it’s own devices it may well waste away. Certainly some personalities are more predisposed to it than others, but it is possible for anyone to increase their confidence over time. Confidence is basically

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Why singing is good for you

Why Singing is Good for You Whether you enjoy serenading an imaginary audience whilst you take a shower, or you love family sing-alongs, singing is not just an enjoyable pastime, but is actually good for you in many ways too. Ancient Arias Before humans could even speak, we have been communicating via song, and singing

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SAD seasonal affective disorder

Situational Depression

Whenever you experience significant life events you need time to adjust or recover.  Sometimes, particularly when these events are traumatic, you may not cope very well for a short time and you may develop situational depression (also often referred to as ‘adjustment disorder’). What is Situational Depression? Unlike clinical (or major) depression, situational depression is

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post traumatic stress

Post traumatic stress

What is PTS? The term post traumatic stress (PTS) is used to describe a range of symptoms that can appear after people have been involved in situations that are outside of most human experience. These situations can cause acute distress and include being in a serious car accident, being held hostage, being the victim of

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do i really need antidepressants

Do I really need antidepressants?

Antidepressants are mostly prescribed to people who are experiencing depression, but they are also offered for other conditions including anxiety. It is more common for women to be prescribed them but not unusual for men to be offered them as well. As many as one in four people in the UK experience some form of

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