ten baby care tips

Ten baby care tips

The world and his internet are full of advice about babies. It sometimes feels like everyone is competing to come up with the next Big Idea. After surviving the first three years with my own two little bundles of joy I realised that what parents of babies really need is a list of simple, common

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colic baby

Understanding baby talk

Your baby may be cute and cuddly, but just occasionally it would be lovely if they could tell you exactly what it is they need. Any parent who has tried in vain to satisfy the cry of a distressed or frustrated infant, knows that understanding baby talk is not easy. As you get to know

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Do mum's favour sons over daughters

Do mum’s favour sons over daughters

Several recent straw polls have suggested that Mums find it easier to bond with their sons, and treat them more favourably as a result. Responses to a variety of questions posed to Mums who have both boys and girls, also revealed that many Mums admit to being more critical of their daughters, while bestowing their

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common baby ailments and how to deal with them

Common baby ailments and how to deal with them

Whether it’s your first baby or you already have older children, when they become ill it can be distressing for everyone. With babies it’s hard to understand what’s wrong or know how to help. There are some common aliments that babies will suffer from and here we look at ways in which you can deal

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Children holding their braeth

Children holding their breath

Breathing is essential to human life, and anything that interferes with it is a cause of great concern. When a young child appears to hold their breath for a sustained period it can be terrifying for the parent or carer in charge. Dig deep enough and you’ll find tales of youngsters who hold their breath

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When should I stop breast feeding

You’ve got past any latch issues, cracked nipples and getting up seven times a night to breastfeed your child but the next question asked by many mothers is ‘when should I stop breast feeding?’ Guidelines The World Health Organisation recommends that babies should be exclusively breastfed until they are six months old. While this a

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