Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

What is Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction? Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (or SPD) is also often referred to as Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). The condition is most common in pregnant women and occurs when one or more of the joints in the pelvic area become stiff and irritate each other causing discomfort or pain. As symptoms usually worsen

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Home Births

The number of home births is on the rise; before the NHS, all women would give birth in their own homes but as medical science developed, it became the norm to have a hospital birth. For many years, ‘Home Births’ were seen as an unsafe option and were viewed as an unnecessary risk. Nowadays there

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Testing for Downs Syndrome

What is Down’s syndrome? Down’s syndrome affects around one in every 1,000 babies born. As they grow up, these babies will have learning difficulties. These difficulties vary hugely and while some people are affected quite severely, others will be able to live relatively ‘normal’ lives. Health conditions linked to Down’s syndrome include heart conditions and

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Having children at different stages of life

Is there a perfect age to become a parent? Is it something we should plan meticulously or should we let mother nature lead the way? It seems to be that whatever age we find ourselves having children there are pro’s and cons for each scenario. Young Parents Young parents in their early twenties say that

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Tips for dads after the birth

I thought for this article that it would be prudent to consult with my husband and see what his thoughts were, what inspirational tips he could give a new dad. He said to make sure you are out of the way as much as possible and pretend to be asleep for the night feeds. I

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Planning a water birth

Whether you plan for your baby to be born in the birthing pool or fancy the idea of water calming you during labour, you’ll need to put some thought into making sure you get the birthing experience you desire. Are water births safe? There’s no evidence to show that babies born in water are any

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