Finding out you are expecting twins

When heading off for a first scan, most parents-to-be are anxious to know there is a healthy baby growing in there. But if during your appointment you end up finding out you are expecting twins you may be taken aback a bit and leave the hospital with more questions that you arrived with. What causes

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Recovering after C sections

Pregnancy and childbirth takes a huge toll on your body but even more so if you’ve had a caesarean section. C-sections are classed as major surgery so you need to take time to let your body recover. Staying in hospital After a caesarean birth it’s normal for a woman to stay in hospital for around

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hospital feed

How do you cope when your baby is in hospital

For most women, having a baby is a joyful (if somewhat painful) experience with a short stay in hospital if there are no complications for mother and baby. Others aren’t so lucky. Sometimes there are problems during labour or health issues are detected before birth which means a stay in hospital for your newborn. How

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Birthing positions

Anyone who’s given birth will know how restless you feel as you try to get comfortable during the long and painful hours of labour. If it’s your first child, you probably imagine yourself lying on a hospital bed, legs akimbo, birthing partner at your side mopping your brow lovingly with a wet flannel. This may

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dads and labour

Dads guide to labour

Have you seen The Exorcist? No I’m joking it’s not that bad really, mother nature has seen fit to bless me with three wonderful children and I was there from start to finish at each birth, each one was different, for example my lazy daughter had to be sucked out with a Hoover! I have

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born with a disability

Born with a disability

All prospective parents hold an idealised vision of their baby in their minds.  To be told that your child has been born with a disability shatters that image in an instant and can be incredibly difficult to come to terms with and accept.  Emotions such as shock, disbelief, anxiety and despair may wash over parents

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