development of premature babies

Development of premature babies

Having a premature baby is a scary and stressful time. Whether your baby arrived unexpectedly or whether you had knew it was a possibility, nothing can really prepare you for the sight of your tiny baby in an incubator. A neonatal unit will be unfamiliar and you are likely to have plenty of questions about

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getting over a partners infidlity

Getting over a partners infidelity

A cheating partner A partner cheating can be one of the most traumatic experiences you go through in life. You may have preconceived ideas of how we will react or claim that if anyone cheated on you, you would never forgive them. But until you have been in that situation, it’s difficult to know for

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What is hypnobirthing? Hypnobirthing has really come to light in the last few years with mothers claiming to have pain free and even pleasurable births. Ask most mothers what child birth is like and you will usually be told of excruciating pain, unbearable contractions which feel like you’re being stabbed in the stomach and back

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where can i have my baby

Where can I have my baby?

What are my choices? The prospect of giving birth is daunting for most mothers to be,having choices today begs the question of where can i have my baby?A totally different concept to grandma’s era!Giving birth at home was the norm, nowadays, most of us believe that when we have our babies, it will be in

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emergency caesarean

When is an emergency caesarean section neccesary?

A caesarean section is major surgery; an emergency caesarean section will be performed when a normal vaginal birth is not going to plan. If you or your baby could be at risk during a vaginal birth then your doctor may want to switch to an emergency caesarean operation. It can be absolutely heart-breaking and terrifying

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third trimester

The third trimester

The Third Trimester- The final 14 weeks of your pregnancy take you to full term and hopefully a happy, healthy bouncing baby at the end.  After the relative ease of the second trimester, these final weeks can come as a bit of a shock, as once again your body undergoes rapid and significant changes in

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