Communicating with your child

concentrate at school

Does your child struggle to concentrate at school?

Many children struggle to concentrate on a tedious piece of homework or would rather gaze out over the school fields than listen to the gems of knowledge a teacher is desperately trying to share with them. Most children manage to maintain concentration for most of their time at school, but some have real difficulty doing

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Sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry, why do your kids fight?

Sibling rivalry is occurs between brothers and sisters for various reasons and usually down to competition and jealousy. It can start even before a second child is born and can stay with siblings well into adulthood. But it is a common occurrence and there are methods of coping and nurturing your children’s relationships with each

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Children not eating

Coping with children not eating

Ever had a lunchtime when your child will only eat olives and cucumber? (Olives? No child of the ‘70s or ‘80s liked olives till they were at least 25!) Or watched your kid survive for weeks on the breadstick-and-yogurt diet? And is there anything more dispiriting that scraping into the bin your child’s uneaten bowl

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dental insurance

Child scared of the dentist?

It’s not an experience that anyone actually enjoys, but for some children, a trip to the dentist can be especially frightening. In most cases, some simple reassurance and the promise of a small treat afterwards might be enough to deal with the problems. Dentists these days are aware of the need to make kids feel

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Aggressive child

Aggressive behaviour in children

Seeing aggressive behaviour towards other children can be very worrying (and embarrassing) for parents. It is important that the aggression is dealt with appropriately to ensure the child doesn’t develop more serious issues. Sometimes the aggression is perfectly normal and understandable – after all, everyone gets frustrated occasionally. It can even be beneficial for a

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Pre-teen boy

Helping your pre-teen through puberty

It probably seems like yesterday that your little bundle of joy was happily gurgling away in their highchair and everything seemed so simple but now you have a pre-teen in the house and suddenly the dynamics are changing… The notion of your baby turning into an adult is certainly a daunting one so being prepared

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