Communicating with your child

Am i embarrassing

Am I embarrassing?

As parent’s we may have often asked ourselves ‘am I embarrassing?’ especially when kids reach their teenage years. When our children were young, they would come running out from school with a big hug and kiss for us, were happy to walk round a shopping centre and sit and have ice-cream. Then what seems like

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babies diagnosed with autism at 2 months

Living with Autism

If you have a child with a diagnosis of autism, you’ve probably been bombarded with facts, opinions and medical jargon, but what about living with the condition on a day-to-day basis? Because the autitic spectrum is so wide, it affects every person in a different way, which means identifying the best coping strategies and management

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Back to school stress: How to avoid it

Could my child be depressed?

We all think of depression as one of the hazards of adult life, alongside stress, financial problems and work pressures. But it is increasingly recognised that children can get depressed too. And for ‘depressed’, read not just low, or temporarily unhappy, but actually unwell and in need of help or treatment. But how can you

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