family therapy

Family therapy

Many families run into times of pressure and stress. The combination of pressures at work, school and home can sometimes become too much and one or more members of each family may start expressing lots of distress. There can come a time when you feel like you have run out of resources and are no

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self esteem

Shifting your self esteem

Making a decision to shift your self-esteem Your self-esteem is the sum of the opinions and beliefs that you have about yourself, shifting your self esteem is hard to do when you feel so negative and have a low opinion of yourself. These internal views go on to shape decisions and choices that you make

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Woman upset and depressed

Moving away from negative thinking towards a positive mind

Negative thinking is something that most if not everybody struggles with. Unless we get to know how our minds work, we can be at the mercy of them and their tendency to rush anxiously into the future or hang on miserably to the past! Negative thoughts can drain our energy, spoil our days and put

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relationship breakdown

Coping with a break up

Coping With Relationship Break-Up Break up is painful, and whatever the reason, no matter how your feelings for the person may have changed, coping with a break up can be painful and distressing. It’s usually a feeling of guilt about the way it all ended compounded by a fear of the future and where things

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anxiety and men

Anxiety and men

The Oxford Dictionary describes Anxiety as a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome ( It’s a common misconception that anxiety is a condition most attributed to women and anxiety and men is unheard of!.  More and more men are finding themselves struggling with anxiety in the stressful modern day lives they lead.

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controlling relationships

Controlling relationships

Who’s in control? In every relationship, there will inevitably be a struggle for control at some point. Many couples argue about money, for example, or how to discipline the children. Even day to day routines, such as housework, can be a source of conflict, with two people having totally different ideas about what needs doing,

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