how to recognise depression

How to recognise depression

How to Recognise Depression Depression is not like an infection that appears rapidly with very visible symptoms.  It is a progressive mental illness that builds up over time.  Its lack of outward physical symptoms can make it very difficult to diagnose, and many sufferers will ignore feelings the internal symptoms out of stoicism, or fear.How

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emotional health

Emotional health

 It is Just as Important as Physical Well-being? Well-being used to be defined by the physical – if you were sick you saw the doctor, and after successful treatment you were deemed to be well again.  It is only in recent years that the concept of emotional health has come to the fore.  The brain

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traumatic stress

Traumatic stress

The traditional image of traumatic stress is in relation to soldiers returning from a war-zone.  In fact this troubling condition can result from exposure to any deeply disturbing event, such as a serious road accident, a violent personal assault, a hostage situation, terrorist attack or experience of a natural disaster. Finding ways to cope with

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pilates for stress management

Pilates for stress management

Joseph Pilates famously described his innovative exercise method as being, “the complete co-ordination of the body, mind and spirit.”Pilates for stress management is a perfect way to relax and learn more about your mind and body.  Modern life can be stressful and we all go through stages of feeling it to at least some degree. 

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