mental health at work

Mental health at work

Everybody has mental health, and everybody’s mental health goes up and down depending on what they are dealing with. Generally hard phases pass and people have their own ways of supporting themselves to stay feeling mentally healthy. One in four of us will experience something a bit more extreme in the area of mental health,

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violence against women

Domestic violence

Refuge Domestic violence is one of those things that you may well think would never happen to you, but it can happen to anyone regardless of class, income, gender, sexuality or ethnicity. And it happens to a surprising number of people. Statistics from the charity Refuge show that one in four women is abused at

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seasonal affective disorder - SAD

Do you suffer from SAD

Seasonal affective disorder As winter approaches and the nights draw in it is natural to feel a little down that the bright days of summer are at an end.  Whilst for most people the story ends there, for some the affect of the onset of winter can spark a subtle physiological reaction in the body,

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stress and anxiety

Do stress and anxiety cause memory loss?

Everyone has moments of forgetfulness, some much more than others, and generally it isn’t anything to worry about. But if you are concerned that memory loss is affecting your life take some time to reflect on why this might be the case. Memory loss is a common symptom of stress and anxiety and if you

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could counselling help me

Could counselling help me

If you are experiencing any type of emotional or psychological difficulty, you may have considered seeing a counsellor. But the range of different types of counselling and therapy available can appear overwhelming, especially when you may be struggling just to manage day to day life.So could counselling help me? So what exactly is counselling, and

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choosing a life coach

Choosing a life coach

Do you need a life coach? Have you ever considered using a life coach? A professional life coach can help guide you through some of life’s tougher challenges, including finding a new job or career, achieving better in your current career; dealing with anxiety and stress; increasing your confidence, motivation and self-esteem; helping you realise

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