could counselling help me

Could counselling help me

If you are experiencing any type of emotional or psychological difficulty, you may have considered seeing a counsellor. But the range of different types of counselling and therapy available can appear overwhelming, especially when you may be struggling just to manage day to day life.So could counselling help me? So what exactly is counselling, and

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Am I having a breakdown?

Am I having a breakdown? What with work pressures, financial strains and all the other juggling involved in just keeping family life ticking over, stress is so common in 21st century family life that it can be regarded as normal. In some cases, it can even be a positive – some of us are at

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what is mental health

What is mental health?

Mental health, like physical health is something that we all have. It is also called emotional health or wellbeing and refers to how well we feel in our thoughts and emotions and it links to our levels of self-esteem. Our mental health can go up and down at different times in our lives and it

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cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy

What is CBT? Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy designed to help individuals change the way they think about challenging situations. It is commonly used to treat people suffering from a range of mental disorders including: Depression Anxiety Post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) Chronic pain Panic attacks Eating disorders Phobias Addictions Obsessive-compulsive disorder

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what does diazepam do

What does Diazepam do?

Diazepam is the medical name for Valium which is in the benzodiazepines family of drugs also known as minor tranquillisers. It come in the form of pills and injections and can be used to treat lots of different symptoms including alcohol dependency, muscle spasm and convulsions. Most commonly it is prescribed for acute and disabling

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effects of chronic illness

Effects of chronic illness

 What is chronic illness? This is a serious illness in that it may last for a long time, it may not be curable and it may have many ways of impacting on both the person with it and those caring for them. Examples of chronic illnesses are cancer, ME, dementia, depression and osteoporosis. Some can

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