Divorce and separation

Divorce and separation at Christmas

For most people, Christmas will be a happy time full of family fun and festivities. But unfortunately for some, the festive season will only serve to highlight and magnify existing pressures and strains on relationships. In fact, divorce and separation at Christmas is so common that counselling services and divorce lawyers across the country, are

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Being without the kids at Christmas

Being without the kids at Christmas can be like having half of yourself removed. You are so used to having them around that the silence is almost a deafening ring in your ears. You can feel lonely and isolated at the best of times and there is probably no other season quite like Christmas to

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Christmas with stepfamilies

Being a stepparent can be difficult at the best of times but holidays such as Christmas can be a total minefield.  If your partner is divorced then not only do you have the issue of who spends what time where but also the uncertainty of the best way to handle gifts.  However, Christmas is supposed

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dealing with loneliness

Dealing with loneliness

Feeling lonely It is human and natural to want to feel connected to others and part of something bigger. We are social beings and relating to others, being heard and accepted and cared about are a big part of our innate nature. When these needs are not met we can be left with a strong

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parents arguing

Should you tell your kids the reason you are splitting up

Many marriages now sadly end in divorce but when children are involved, the separation can become much more complex. Should you tell your kids the reason you are splitting up? The Relate expert views: Paula Hall Psychotherapist with Relate explains that you have to be very careful about what you tell your children about the

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sexual problems for men

Sexual difficulties for men

Sexual problems for men and how to overcome them It can feel embarrassing and even shameful to experience sexual difficulties as a man, but statistics show that its a very common experience affecting around 10% in the 20-40 age group and 40% in the over 60’s. It can be tempting to believe that you are

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