Anaemia in children

It’s often difficult to know exactly what is wrong with your child when they are feeling ill or off colour. Children pick up bugs and viruses all the time, especially when they start to mix with others at nursery and school. But how can you tell if your child’s symptoms are down to a run

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Self defence for teens

It’s wonderful to watch your children grow up and to see them develop into independent individuals. Yet as parents, you never really stop worrying about them. Teens in particular can feel invincible, and don’t always see the potential dangers in a given situation. We all want our teens to be safe when they’re out and

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The worst food and drink for your body

It’s winter; it’s cold and dark outside and our bodies seem to be craving those leftover selection boxes as well as other yummy comfort foods. Deep down we know that indulging in some of these on a regular basis is bad for our health but sticking to a healthy balanced diet is something we’d rather

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Is kids football too competetive

OMG is there anything worse than a pushy parent? You know the ones. Those that plaster their average looking little girls in more make-up than a pantomime dame, thrust them onto the stage of an ever increasing amount of beauty pageants and expect them to win. Or those that have their child playing Mozart’s fifth

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Depression in theUK is worse than we think

Teenage depression

Teen Depression: How To Handle Your Troubled Teen Many of us have experienced being a teenager. We’re often moody, irrational, a little bit reckless and prone to mood-swings, then once we grow out of it we warn others’ that all teenagers will be vulnerable to these behaviorisms sometimes. The line between typical teenage behaviour and

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Letting your kids walk to school

What age could my child do this? I remember walking to school from a pretty young age.  It was always with our next door neighbour’s son who was a fair bit older than me and the school was visible from our living room window so my mum could watch me go safely through the gates. 

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