Foods to avoid during pregnancy

a tiny heart

A Tiny Heart

One of the most exciting events in an expectant Mother’s diary is the date she first hears her baby’s heartbeat.  Just 7 weeks after conception, baby’s heart muscle develops and begins to pump blood around the body.  A tiny heart will beat over 2.5 billion times in it’s lifetime and will pump enough blood to

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looking good pregnant

Looking good during pregnancy

Being pregnant is life and body changing experience.  It is a positive time, a chance to celebrate everything that is amazing about your body.  Yet not all women find themselves blooming, and the expanding waistline, blotchy skin, and lack lustre hair days can leave many feeling down.  Growing a baby is hard work, so if

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third trimester

The third trimester

The Third Trimester- The final 14 weeks of your pregnancy take you to full term and hopefully a happy, healthy bouncing baby at the end.  After the relative ease of the second trimester, these final weeks can come as a bit of a shock, as once again your body undergoes rapid and significant changes in

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obesity and pregnancy

Obesity and pregnancy

Getting pregnant and obesity It was my favourite-ever excuse to pig out. ‘I’m pregnant, so I’m eating for two,’ I would say, as I loaded my plate with improbable portions of crisps, pies and chips. I thought nothing of eating two or three jam donuts in one sitting. Guilt free snacking, at last! Or so

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healthy eating whilst pregnant

Healthy eating whilst pregnant

Healthy eating whilst pregnant. We all know generally we should be eating more healthy?Healthy eating whilst pregnant is so important to the wellbeing of your unborn child and yourself. For your baby to grow and develop it is vital to eat healthily. The saying “eating for two” is a myth, you may generally feel hungrier

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