Getting healthy for pregnancy

pill to help you conceive

Male infertility

Infertility is generally considered to be when a couple have failed to conceive after two years of regular unprotected sex.Male Infertility can be caused by a wide ranging variety of things and it’s important to get checked if you have been trying for a baby and failing to conceive. Infertility can occur at any time,

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IVF Family

IVF: An overview

IVF stands for ‘In Vitro Fertilisation’. This is the process for removing eggs from a woman’s ovaries and mixing them with sperm in a laboratory culture dish (in vitro means ‘in glass’ in Latin) in order to fertilise the egg. The first IVF baby – often referred to as the first ‘test tube baby’ –

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Supporting a partner after miscarriage

A miscarriage is one of the most traumatic events that can happen in a woman’s life and supporting a partner after miscarriage is equally as hard. It is also distressing for the father and the physical and emotional pain for the mother is beyond most people comprehension. Losing a child at any time can be

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Do you have high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is known as the ‘silent killer’ and it rarely has symptoms. In England 30% of people have high blood pressure and the majority don’t know they have it. Heart attacks and strokes can occur if it is left untreated and it is recommended that adults should have their blood pressure monitored every

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Early pregnancy backache

Very early pregnancy symptoms

Very early pregnancy symptoms can take shape in a number of ways, one of the early signs that you could be pregnant is when your period is late or you miss your period completely. If your monthly cycle is regular and consistent and you experience this, it could be signs you have a bun in

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Fertility chart

Trying to conceive: Charting your monthly cycle

Some people may be lucky enough to get pregnant soon as they start trying for a baby, but it could take longer for many couples. To increase your odds it’s best to chart your fertility cycle, this will help you understand when your best chance is of becoming pregnant. During your cycle your body gives

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