Girls puberty

Should you force kids to show affection

As a child, I can remember visiting my Grandparents or other relatives, and often cringing as I was made to stand there whilst big, wrinkly faces loomed in towards me for a kiss or hug. It depended on the relative and how I was feeling on the day, but getting through the experience as quickly

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Vitamins and minerals

A simple guide to essential vitamins and minerals in food Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that your body needs in order to work properly. Their jobs include supporting health in all sorts of ways, such as strengthening bones and teeth, fighting infection, balancing mood and maintaining healthy blood. There is much contention about the

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what is parental responsibility

Being a happy and successful single parent

Being a single parent is a guaranteed challenge and whether you’ve just happened to find yourself solo parenting or if it was a conscious decision, sometimes the challenge is made harder by perceptions of the outside world. Comments like, “It must be so hard” or “Oh I’m sad for you that’s awful”, just don’t help.

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Passing on life skills to help children grow

Top 5 Life Tips To Teach Your Kids As parents we are constantly teaching our children. Hold your spoon like this, say please and thank you, put this shoe on this foot. Every day we are passing on life skills to help children grow and develop. Money Matters Teaching children to look after their finances

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brushing your teeth

Encouraging kids to brush their teeth

When the little ones give us their best smile, offering a flash of those milk teeth, it would be difficult for the coldest of hearts not to melt- they look so cute! Encouraging kids to brush their teeth is so important. From the first little one that pops up and onwards – they need to

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Dealing with angry kids

As parents, we set out with the greatest of intentions, telling ourselves that when our children are badly behaved, we will handle the situation with ease, knowing exactly what to do. Yet, this is rarely the case when faced with the reality of a screaming toddler or a defiant teenager that is trying their best

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