Girls puberty

Separation anxiety in children

As parents you are the most important people in the world of your children. So it’s natural that when there is a need to be apart from them for a time they will experience separation anxiety. This is a recognised response in young children, and is completely normal. For most children, with understanding, time and

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Helping your child get over the fear of needles

Having needles and vaccinations is something every child will have to do at some point. Some of our babies have jabs as soon as they are born if you agree to a vitamin K shot to help their blood clot. Wider vaccination programmes start as young as two months old, but as children get older

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OCD in kids

All children have worries and doubts, but those who can’t stop worrying – even if they want to – may have an anxiety disorder such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). What is OCD in children? With OCD, worries often compel sufferers to repeatedly behave in particular ways; children with OCD usually become preoccupied with whether

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Building a relationship with your partners kids

It’s difficult isn’t it, starting a new relationship? Wondering if someone really likes the real you, waiting anxiously by your mobile for a reassuring text to come through. And then added into the mix is your partner’s kids! Not only do you have to build a relationship with your partner, but if they have kids

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language skills

Helping your child settle into a new school

The move to a new school is daunting for your child. They will need to make new friends, meet new teachers, and work out how the systems work in their new environment. Teenagers can find this transition particularly difficult.  If you have simultaneously moved home too, your children will be feeling vulnerable and unsure about

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Should you get your babies ears pierced

Cruel or cute ? Few parenting issues invoke such debate as whether or not babies should have their ears pierced. We’ve all seen kids being wheeled around in their buggies or toddling about with little studs in their earlobes. This shows the popularity of piercing children’s ears at a very young age.  But should you

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