Girls puberty

Connecting with your child through play

You’ve picked the kids up from nursery or school, made dinner, run a bath, had a quick tidy up and before long it’s time for bed, so it’s not surprising that at the end of a long day many of us are struggling to find enough one-on-one time to spend with our children. Working guilt

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recognising learning disabilities

Recognising learning disabilities

When one of your children is diagnosed with anything whether it is physical, mental or emotional it is very natural to feel a bit shocked and concerned. If the diagnosis is something that you have been expecting you may feel relieved to have it officially confirmed but whatever your reaction an official label of learning

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Pre-teen development: what to expect

Raising children seems to be a never ending series of milestones and defining moments and it is a comfort to know you can prepare for each one by knowing what to expect. Puberty can be a difficult time for both boys and girls and parents can expect to see significant changes occurring in girls from

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Children running

Is running good for kids?

Walk past any primary school playground at break times and you’re likely to see scores of kids running around enjoying themselves. Running comes naturally to children – often they don’t even realise they’re doing it – and so it makes sense to encourage them to make a hobby of it before they grow out of

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early puberty in boys

Early puberty in boys

Growing Pains Forget everything you think you might know, the name Growing Pains is somewhat misleading since there is no scientific evidence to link the pains some children experience with growth spurts.Early puberty in boys especially can cause these” growing pains” to happen. They are more commonly referred to by doctors these days as Recurrent

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Teenage girl

Teenage daughters

We all know that it’s coming. Yet when puberty finally arrives, it’s somehow no less of a shock to the parental system. Your sweet, pliable little girl has suddenly been replaced by a moody young woman, who won’t be seen with you in public. If that sounds familiar, here are some survival strategies. Understand what’s

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