Girls puberty

puberty: changes your daughter will go through

Puberty: Changes your daughter will go through

Your little girl won’t stay your baby forever and before you know it, she will be starting to hit puberty. It’s really important for parents to speak to their children about the changes they will go through both physically and emotionally and offer them guidance and support through what can be a tough time in

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talking to your daughter about menstruation

Talking to your daughter about menstruation

Talking to your daughter about menstruation now is a far cry from ancient times in tribal culture. When a girl had her first period she was initiated into the moon lodge which was the place where women gathered to honor and share feminine wisdom. From that moment on she was treated as a young woman

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Child swimming pool

Warts and verruca

Warts are small, rough stumps that often develop on the skin of the hands and feet, although they can form anywhere on the body. Warts can develop in clusters or on their own and can vary in appearance, they are not cancerous. Verrucas are warts that usually develop on the soles of the feet. What

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what is your child looking at online

What is your child looking at online?

What is your child looking at online? Are you aware what they’re up to while they’re glued to their laptop or smart phone? After hearing horror stories of children being bullied online, forming eating disorders from pro-anorexia websites or being groomed by adults posing at children with the intention of meeting up for sex, most

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getting over a partners infidlity

Getting over a partners infidelity

A cheating partner A partner cheating can be one of the most traumatic experiences you go through in life. You may have preconceived ideas of how we will react or claim that if anyone cheated on you, you would never forgive them. But until you have been in that situation, it’s difficult to know for

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preparing for a sleepover

The importance of children getting a good nights’ sleep

Bedtimes have been a bone of contention in many households with arguments and disagreements starting from a young age through to teens. But getting our children to bed on time isn’t just so parents can relax alone, getting a good nights’ sleep is vital to help children’s physical and mental development. Why is sleep so

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