Cancer symptoms you should not ignore

Cancer is a word that still strikes a dagger of fear in most of us, but whilst survival rates are on the increase and new and betters treatments are being introduced, early detection is still a vital key to better chances of survival and making a full recovery quicker. Don’t be in denial Women tend

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Regaining your confidence back after a car crash

Being involved in a car crash can be pretty harrowing, particularly if you were behind the wheel when the accident occurred. People deal with the experience differently and for some that means being a bit wary of getting back in the car and driving again. You may feel lucky not to have been seriously injured

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scientist creates a deadly virus

Difference between cold and flu

Colds and flu: what’s the difference? Colds and flu are everywhere at this time of year. No matter how hard we try to avoid the germ-laden, it’s inevitable that at least one member of the family will succumb to a virus and then come home to share it with everyone else. Looking at over-the-counter remedies

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Sleep deprivation

We all know how important it is to get our beauty sleep – especially if you’re the parent of small children. There’s nothing worse than facing a day’s work after being up all night with a feeding baby or teething infant. We also know the chances are we won’t be at our best the next

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Woman upset and depressed

Moving away from negative thinking towards a positive mind

Negative thinking is something that most if not everybody struggles with. Unless we get to know how our minds work, we can be at the mercy of them and their tendency to rush anxiously into the future or hang on miserably to the past! Negative thoughts can drain our energy, spoil our days and put

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cold and flu

Cold and flu

Many people believe a bout of the flu is just like having a heavy cold.  However, the flu is often much worse and can incur complications resulting in a hospital stay.  Each year many people die from the flu and complications arising from it.  Cold and flu viruses share many of the same symptoms so

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