Health during pregnancy

feeling baby kick

Feeling your baby kick

Pregnancy can be both exciting and nail biting at the same time, especially if you are carrying your first child. One of those most exciting moments is when you experience feeling your baby kick. These can also be a very reassuring time as you know your baby is healthy and active. When will I feel

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exercise in pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy. To help you feel healthy and at your best it is vital to maintain regular exercise throughout your pregnancy, not only does it make you feel better but it can improve your posture and alleviate discomfort like back pain. Evidence shows that exercise during pregnancy may help prevent gestational diabetes (diabetes attributed

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eating for two

Eating for two

You’re eating for two now, so what’s off the menu for your unborn child? Your baby eats whatever you do, so it makes sense to ensure that your diet suits you both.  Aside from the obvious culprits of alcohol and tobacco, there are a few other foods and drinks that carry particular risks for your

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diabetes and pregnancy

Diabetes and pregnancy

Expectant mothers who have diabetes prior to becoming pregnant have special health concerns as well as all the new changes, plus there will be the added pressure to their bodies whilst being pregnant and having to manage their blood sugar levels. Preparing for diabetes and pregnancy– It is very important to make an appointment with

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craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy during pregnancy

Craniosacral therapy is a holistic treatment that uses gentle touch to work with the body. The therapist places their hands lightly on different parts of your body including your sacral at the base of your spine and your cranio at the base of your skull. They can then ‘listen’ to what is going on throughout

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