Health during pregnancy

Birthing positions

Anyone who’s given birth will know how restless you feel as you try to get comfortable during the long and painful hours of labour. If it’s your first child, you probably imagine yourself lying on a hospital bed, legs akimbo, birthing partner at your side mopping your brow lovingly with a wet flannel. This may

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pregnancy supplements

Pregnancy supplements

What should I be taking? Provided you are eating a healthy diet during pregnancy you will be receiving the vast majority of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to keep you and your growing baby on top form. There are, however, two particular vitamins that are especially important, Pregnancy supplements are important for the health

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men antenatal

Mans guide to antenatal classes

There’s nothing to fear! Just the word alone can breathe fear into the toughest of men, because most men’s view of antenatal classes are for being dragged by our pregnant wife to a local house where a woman with dreadlocks and a house full of bells teaches you how to breathe heavy and be a

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born with a disability

Born with a disability

All prospective parents hold an idealised vision of their baby in their minds.  To be told that your child has been born with a disability shatters that image in an instant and can be incredibly difficult to come to terms with and accept.  Emotions such as shock, disbelief, anxiety and despair may wash over parents

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Do you have high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is known as the ‘silent killer’ and it rarely has symptoms. In England 30% of people have high blood pressure and the majority don’t know they have it. Heart attacks and strokes can occur if it is left untreated and it is recommended that adults should have their blood pressure monitored every

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Postpartum Hair Loss

Hair loss after the birth of your baby can be distressing, but take comfort from the fact that it is a perfectly normal process, and is a sign that your body is getting back to normal. What causes it? In non-pregnant women hair is generally in one of two phases at any given time. Around

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