cluster headaches

What are cluster headaches?

So what are cluster headaches? This type of headache come with  attacks of excruciating pain that occur in one side of your head, normally just behind your eye. Some people that suffer from these cluster headaches have been known to call them “Suicide headaches” due to the severity of them. How do Cluster headaches attack?

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effects of chronic illness

Effects of chronic illness

 What is chronic illness? This is a serious illness in that it may last for a long time, it may not be curable and it may have many ways of impacting on both the person with it and those caring for them. Examples of chronic illnesses are cancer, ME, dementia, depression and osteoporosis. Some can

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how much should i be drinking

How much should I be drinking?

Alcohol related illness and death has risen dramatically in our society over the last few decades and in 2010 over one million people went to hospital in the UK for an alcohol related condition or injury. Short term affects include alcohol poisoning, leading to vomiting, fitting and injuries from falls. Long term affects include heart

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Miscarriage is a very sensitive issue which tends to be brushed aside in our society due to the fact that there is simply no ‘cure’ for it.  It is thought that about 12% of pregnancies miscarry in the first 23 weeks, with about three quarters of those happening in the first trimester. There is now

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