Losing weight

The worst food and drink for your body

It’s winter; it’s cold and dark outside and our bodies seem to be craving those leftover selection boxes as well as other yummy comfort foods. Deep down we know that indulging in some of these on a regular basis is bad for our health but sticking to a healthy balanced diet is something we’d rather

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Hypnotherapy and weight loss

Most of us would improve on our bodies; have thinner thighs, be rid of our spare tyres, lose weight generally, especially this time of year. The over indulgence of Christmas and the New Year can leave us bursting out of our clothes. Very few of us would admit to being totally at one with our

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Considering cosmetic surgery

If you are one of the thousands of people in the UK considering cosmetic surgery, you know it’s a huge decision to make with many expectations, fears and anxieties attached to it. It is not a small thing to have cosmetic surgery of any kind, you are placing your trust, and in many cases, your

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Fitness crazes

The fitness world never fails to disappoint when it comes to innovation. Gone are the days when exercise regimes were limited to a choice between an aerobics class in the village hall, or a jog round the park.  2014 promises to deliver a raft of fitness crazes once again, some old, some new, so let’s

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detox diet

Would a detox diet be good for you

The idea of a detox always sounds very virtuous but would a detox diet be good for you?  It usually springs to mind after a period of excess, such as Christmas, or the summer holidays, when our bodies may be feeling a little sluggish.  Embarking on a detox diet can have a significant effect on

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Making exercise a regular part of your life

The benefits of regular exercise are huge. From controlling weight to preventing disease, to improving mood to boosting energy exercise. .So making exercise a regular part of your life is a no brainer really! Dont make excuses It’s very easy to persuade ourselves that we don’t have enough time, are too tired, that we will

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