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Are you or your child anorexic? Comfort eating, not liking how you look and feeling that life would be that little bit better if only you were 10lbs lighter; we can probably all relate to these at some point in our lives. So are we all at risk of developing an eating disorder? Well, seeing

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are weekends ruining your diet

Are weekends ruining your diet

Weekends are made for enjoying life and letting go, especially after a long week at work.  However, a recent study by diet firm Forza Supplements suggests many of us are enjoying food and drink perhaps a little too much, consuming up to half our weekly calorie allowance between Friday night and Sunday evening so are

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coping with ibs

Coping with IBS

Over 6 million people are living with diagnosed IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) in the UK. The medical management of this often misunderstood illness can be complex and due to the very nature of the illness, sufferers coping with IBS often find it difficult to discuss their symptoms and in turn the management of their treatment.

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Very low calorie diet girl weight loss

What are the dangers with Very Low Calorie Diets?

Love them or hate them, diets are one obsession that will never go away. From celebrity endorsed products on television, to entire magazines dedicated to losing weight, we are faced with a daily barrage of ingenious (and sometimes silly) ways to slim. However, there are people with genuine reasons to lose weight, for physical and

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The Working Parent Article

Lose weight at a healthy rate

A healthy weight loss is 1-2lb a week. You will find hundreds of diets promising quick fixes for your weight loss but the majority of these are only promoting methods that are not achievable, unhealthy or dangerous. A simple combination of eating less and exercising more is the best long and short term weight loss

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Coffee and muffin calories

What exactly are Calories?

Calories are simply the measurement of energy in food. To eat a balanced diet it’s good to know how many calories are in the foods we are eating. Trying to lose weight requires you to eat less and to be more active. When you eat and drink you’re putting energy (calories) into your body, your

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