Making time for your child

doughnuts with dads and muffins with mums events

Doughnuts With Dads and Muffins With Mums Events

The US seems to be great at instilling community spirit and putting on events within schools to bring people closer together. Catchy names such as Doughnuts with Dads and Muffins with Mums events, have parents taking part in activities with their kids whilst at the same time getting to know other parents or helping new

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working parents

Is being a working parent bad for your children?

There seems to have been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing in the media in recent years asking the question ‘is being a working parent bad for your children?’ And, perhaps unsurprisingly, ‘parent’ in this debate seems very often to mean ‘mother’. Yes, we can take it as a compliment that mothers are recognised as

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how to be a better parent

Be a better parent

7 day countdown… Wanting to try and be a better parent? Ever felt like you’re letting your kids down, robbing Peter to play with Paul, and generally giving parenting a shoddy name? Well, firstly, you’re not the only one. And secondly, you’re probably actually doing OK. But we could all do with a metaphorical shot

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encourage creativity in your children

Keeping your toddler active

Use their energy efficiently Keeping your toddler active can be very challenging at times, especially when you need to focus on other things or even just sit down for a well-earned rest! However, it is important to ensure that toddlers do stay active for a good portion of their day. Try to avoid keeping them

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babies diagnosed with autism at 2 months

Living with Autism

If you have a child with a diagnosis of autism, you’ve probably been bombarded with facts, opinions and medical jargon, but what about living with the condition on a day-to-day basis? Because the autitic spectrum is so wide, it affects every person in a different way, which means identifying the best coping strategies and management

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Back to school stress: How to avoid it

Could my child be depressed?

We all think of depression as one of the hazards of adult life, alongside stress, financial problems and work pressures. But it is increasingly recognised that children can get depressed too. And for ‘depressed’, read not just low, or temporarily unhappy, but actually unwell and in need of help or treatment. But how can you

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