pilates for stress management

Pilates for stress management

Joseph Pilates famously described his innovative exercise method as being, “the complete co-ordination of the body, mind and spirit.”Pilates for stress management is a perfect way to relax and learn more about your mind and body.  Modern life can be stressful and we all go through stages of feeling it to at least some degree. 

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stress and anxiety

Do stress and anxiety cause memory loss?

Everyone has moments of forgetfulness, some much more than others, and generally it isn’t anything to worry about. But if you are concerned that memory loss is affecting your life take some time to reflect on why this might be the case. Memory loss is a common symptom of stress and anxiety and if you

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could counselling help me

Could counselling help me

If you are experiencing any type of emotional or psychological difficulty, you may have considered seeing a counsellor. But the range of different types of counselling and therapy available can appear overwhelming, especially when you may be struggling just to manage day to day life.So could counselling help me? So what exactly is counselling, and

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Am I having a breakdown?

Am I having a breakdown? What with work pressures, financial strains and all the other juggling involved in just keeping family life ticking over, stress is so common in 21st century family life that it can be regarded as normal. In some cases, it can even be a positive – some of us are at

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SAD seasonal affective disorder

Situational Depression

Whenever you experience significant life events you need time to adjust or recover.  Sometimes, particularly when these events are traumatic, you may not cope very well for a short time and you may develop situational depression (also often referred to as ‘adjustment disorder’). What is Situational Depression? Unlike clinical (or major) depression, situational depression is

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post traumatic stress

Post traumatic stress

What is PTS? The term post traumatic stress (PTS) is used to describe a range of symptoms that can appear after people have been involved in situations that are outside of most human experience. These situations can cause acute distress and include being in a serious car accident, being held hostage, being the victim of

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