New single parent

Introducing stepchildren to each other

When single parents with kids start a new relationship, it can lead to the blending together of two families. The concept of extra-playmates for your kids sounds ideal, but the success of the long-term merger will depend in part on how the introductions are made. If you are knee-deep in the unification process, then consider

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Guide to first date conversation

First dates have the potential to be pretty awkward; especially if it’s the first time you’ve spent any real time together. After all, it’s not always easy to engage a stranger in conversation and there’s only so much time you can spend on small talk without coming across as being incredibly boring. But if you’re

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what is parental responsibility

Being a happy and successful single parent

Being a single parent is a guaranteed challenge and whether you’ve just happened to find yourself solo parenting or if it was a conscious decision, sometimes the challenge is made harder by perceptions of the outside world. Comments like, “It must be so hard” or “Oh I’m sad for you that’s awful”, just don’t help.

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child support agency

Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a deliberate attempt by one parent to distance his or her child/children from the other parent. The alienation process may take place over considerable time with the motivation to destroy the bond between the child and parent. It may sound fantastical that anyone should do this but very sadly cases

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How do you cope as a single parent when you are ill

When you’re feeling rough all you want to do is curl up and forget about the world, but single parents don’t enjoy that luxury. With sole responsibility for one or more children, the lone parent has no choice but to carry on caring for them, regardless of how they are feeling themselves. Thankfully there are

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Being without the kids at Christmas

Being without the kids at Christmas can be like having half of yourself removed. You are so used to having them around that the silence is almost a deafening ring in your ears. You can feel lonely and isolated at the best of times and there is probably no other season quite like Christmas to

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