natural remedies for cold and flu

Natural remedies for cold and flu

We all know that there is no cure for the common cold and, while the flu virus can be hopefully kept at bay with a vaccine, if you do succumb to the flu then you’re in for a rough ride while your immune system sorts itself out for the fight. It’s enough to drive you

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Are we empowering kid's too much

Are we empowering kid’s too much

Our children may be our future, but at what point should we start to give them the power to change the world? There has been a distinct shift in attitudes in recent decades that has led to child-centric behaviour being found all over the place. Parents treat their kids like mini-adults, offering choices and setting

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benefits of eating together

Benefits of eating together

“The family that eats together stays together.” So the saying goes, but how much truth is there to it? Quite a lot as it turns out. Here are some benefits of eating together. Communication Encouraging kids and teenagers to talk to you about their day can be tough, especially when there are toys to be

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Are Your Kids Picky Eaters?

Are parents feeding more junk food to their kids

With the UK topping the European childhood obesity chart, it’s clear that the eating habits of many British families are less than healthy. Some 25% of our youngsters are classed as overweight, with government figures suggesting that this figure is set only to rise. It is estimated that 40% of our population will be obese

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colic and crying

Colic and crying

The broad definition of Colic applies to a baby who cries for more than 3 hours a day, and whose distress is not caused by some medical issue. Colic is very common, and is thought to affect around 20% (or 1 in 5) babies at one time or another. The peak time for Colic to

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eating disorders in children and teens

Eating disorders in children and teens

Eating disorders are on the rise in the UK and children are not immune to their often devastating effects. There is, rightly, much focus on childhood obesity in the media at the moment. But at the other end of the spectrum the number of young people slowly starving themselves is also on the rise. Each

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