Online and social network problems

Young people watching porn

Talking about porn to your child An alarming number of adolescents, girls as well as boys are reported as regularly viewing porn sites and using what they see as inspiration for their own ‘sexting’ – the texting of sexually explicitly images of themselves. This situation is causing many youngsters to feel pressured to have sexual

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Reclaim your Ipad

iPad, iPhone, iChild. Our little people are becoming more technically advanced than any generation of young children that I’ve seen in my life. As parents we have used iPhones and iPads with both of our eldest children aged four and two. My four year old used to think my phone was her toy and not

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Keeping your child safe whilst online

The balance of respecting your child’s privacy whilst keeping them safe As your children start to access online material, the issue of online safety comes up. With the current technological age, young people have access to all sorts of information that can be both upsetting and dangerous and it is part of a parent’s duty

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The underwear rule

The NSPCC is the UKs leading children’s charity and they have come up with a creative and simple way for parents to talk to young children about staying safe from sexual abuse. The campaign is about talking PANTS to your children, which is an acronym for the key elements of the underwear rule. P stands

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Violence in teenage relationships

One of the most shocking more recent issues to develop in the lives of young people is that of violence in teenage relationships. Whilst it may not be a completely new thing to deal with the statistics indicate that it is an increasing area of concern. In 2009 a study showed that 27% of girls

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deleting facebook

Why are people deleting Facebook

Many of us have considered deleting our Facebook account at one time or another, but why are people deleting  Facebook for good? Lack of Privacy Facebook users may assume that a personal profile can be kept as private as you like, but the moment you put any information onto the site it may be accessible

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