Online and social network problems

what is your child looking at online

What is your child looking at online?

What is your child looking at online? Are you aware what they’re up to while they’re glued to their laptop or smart phone? After hearing horror stories of children being bullied online, forming eating disorders from pro-anorexia websites or being groomed by adults posing at children with the intention of meeting up for sex, most

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games consoles

Children and computer games

Whether we like it or not, computer games are a part of most children’s growing up. As a busy working parent, this is something that is almost impossible to fight. Therefore the only way to deal with the issue is to monitor, as closely as possible, the types of games your child is playing. In

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Pre-teen boy

Helping your pre-teen through puberty

It probably seems like yesterday that your little bundle of joy was happily gurgling away in their highchair and everything seemed so simple but now you have a pre-teen in the house and suddenly the dynamics are changing… The notion of your baby turning into an adult is certainly a daunting one so being prepared

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facebook privacy

Facebook Privacy

Are you going too public with your private life? Facebook privacy should be taken seriously and like it or not, a quick glance at your Facebook page reveals an awful lot of information about yourself. When you fill in your profile details, you give away everything. I could look at your profile now and tell

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