Parenting guilt

Suicide in young people

Child Suicide Having a child commit suicide is probably the most unthinkable and unbearable situation for any parent, but with 100,000 adolescents taking their own life every year,suicide in young people is an issue that needs to be addressed. Many young people go through times where they feel overwhelmed and lost and need help and

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support for women during and after pregnancy

Post natal depression

What help is available It can be frightening to suspect, or be told that you may be suffering from Post Natal Depression (PND). This is not the ‘baby blues’, which is a common reaction three to ten days after birth when rapid readjustment of hormones can cause a temporary jolt in mood – often leaving

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Dealing with angry kids

As parents, we set out with the greatest of intentions, telling ourselves that when our children are badly behaved, we will handle the situation with ease, knowing exactly what to do. Yet, this is rarely the case when faced with the reality of a screaming toddler or a defiant teenager that is trying their best

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Dealing with a difficult adult stepdaughter

Having step children or entering a relationship where children are involved can be a very challenging situation. Children by nature want their mum and dad and more often than not, want them to be together. So when another adult comes into their life it isn’t an easy transition for them to make. Having a relative

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OCD in kids

All children have worries and doubts, but those who can’t stop worrying – even if they want to – may have an anxiety disorder such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). What is OCD in children? With OCD, worries often compel sufferers to repeatedly behave in particular ways; children with OCD usually become preoccupied with whether

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In Law survival guide

In-laws can be a blessing or a curse, and how you deal with them can make the difference between family harmony and, well, a family nightmare! Finding a balance in your family life that meets the needs of everyone is never going to be easy, but the benefits of achieving equilibrium can be many. Extended

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