Parenting guilt

Car seats and the law

Am I legal? You pick up your 6 year old daughter from school and she wants a friend to come and play but you only have one car seat – are you breaking the law to let one child ride without one? Your son is 9 years old, but nearly 5ft tall – does he

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Is kids football too competetive

OMG is there anything worse than a pushy parent? You know the ones. Those that plaster their average looking little girls in more make-up than a pantomime dame, thrust them onto the stage of an ever increasing amount of beauty pageants and expect them to win. Or those that have their child playing Mozart’s fifth

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child support agency

Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a deliberate attempt by one parent to distance his or her child/children from the other parent. The alienation process may take place over considerable time with the motivation to destroy the bond between the child and parent. It may sound fantastical that anyone should do this but very sadly cases

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How to get the family to help with chores

Between work, school, spending quality time together and doing homework, keeping on top of household chores can often take a back seat and frequently it’s left to one or two members of the family to get on with. But the increase the number of families where both partners go out to work full time means

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child maintenance

How to parent during a mental health crisis

The pressures of modern life are huge for families and parents and for most parents, life is a continual balancing act between meeting the demands of a busy life and ensuring the wellbeing of themselves and their children. This in itself is enough, but when life throws extra challenges at you in the form of

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financial pressure forcing couples to live together sooner

Are you ready to live with your partner

Being in a loving, long term relationship is the best feeling ever. There comes a time when you make the ultimate commitment to each other and ask yourself “are you ready to live with your partner”?. Have you considered all aspects of being in permanent close quarters with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Living together can

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