Parenting guilt

Children arguing

Do as I say!

As a parent it’s not always easy to get the balance right between nagging your child and gently guiding them in the right direction, which is where things can get tricky – what’s right for you may not be right for them. But how much have things really changed from when you were young? Most

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Kindness smiling woman

Planting seeds of kindness

There was an article in Positive News a couple of months ago about a young woman living in New York who was feeling very lonely and isolated. In a moment of awareness, she suddenly realised that if she was feeling this it would be certain that many other people were also feeling this. This insight

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Single dad with child

Single Parent Family Parenting

It is often said that there is no harder job in the world than being a parent, but add the prefix of single to that and the job suddenly becomes a whole lot harder. Once upon a time, being a single parent family had an unshakable stigma attached to the title, with images of maladjusted,

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An emotional tool kit for wellbeing

Becoming emotionally intelligent is one of the best things you can do for yourself and support in your children. Emotions are the driving force behind much of our behaviour and if we are unconscious of them we become blindly led into stressful reactions and situations which overtime result is our stress levels going sky high

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Personal trainer

Should I get a personal trainer?

If you are asking yourself  ‘should I get a personal trainer to teach me how to do sit ups’, then you’ll probably say no it isn’t worth it, although one to one training could get you motivated and help you reach your fitness goals. Not only the celebrities or millionaires can afford them, most of

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