Parenting guilt

stop being a guilty parent

Stop being a guilty parent

From the minute that second line appears on the pregnancy test we worry about not measuring up as a parent. Throughout pregnancy, childhood and the (often challenging) teenage years, it is inevitable that parents will at some points feel guilty. The irony is that these feelings of guilt indicate that you are in fact a

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top 10 must have items for new parents

Relationship strain after having a baby

Life changes In the euphoria of your baby arriving everything else in your life can pale into insignificance.  Whilst this is completely normal, there quickly comes a time when the reality of life kicks back in, and it can be a surprise to many new parents that life has changed so dramatically. Relationship strain after

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free periods for parents

Free periods for parents

Making time for yourselves With the combined pressures of homework, extra-curricular classes and play dates to fit in alongside your own work, relaxation time for parents can easily slip to a low priority in family life. Hearing a parent say that they don’t have time to stop and unwind would ring warning bells in the

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make time for your partner

Make time for your partner

Don’t forget your partner Becoming a parent is a magical, life changing event and although you want to enjoy all the new experiences parenthood brings, you shouldn’t forget that you are also a wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend or partner. Sometimes the demands of a new baby can leave you stressed out or too tired to

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new mortgage lending rules

Preparing the family for a house move

Moving home is stressful for all concerned.  Children can feel especially vulnerable at this time, as they generally have little control over the change, nor any real comprehension of what is involved and the impacts it will have on their lives. Such uncertainty is scary, and your children will need special attention in the time

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