Parenting guilt

Low self-esteem hiding away

Building self-esteem

Everyone has opinions about the type of person you are. These opinions are at the heart of self-esteem and affect how you value yourself. Beliefs about yourself can change in your life as a result of experiences and circumstances and a low self- esteem will result in negative beliefs meaning you may focus too much on your

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family mediation

Family mediation

Separation or Getting Divorced Divorce or Separation is a harrowing time for families, the fear and uncertainty takes it’s toll on every member from the youngest right up the the very oldest, and often a child can seem on face value to be unaffected by the change but there could be deeper emotions at work.

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annoying things non parents say

Coping with loneliness as a single parent

Meeting the needs of a family alone can leave single parents feeling both exhausted and isolated with little time to think about their own needs and interests.Coping with loneliness as a single parent is really hard sometimes. It is easy to fill every waking hour working, looking after a home and caring for children, yet

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are you a guilty parent

Are you a guilty parent

It’s impossible to understand it completely until you become a parent yourself, but unfortunately guilt is a major part of the parental experience. You may as well accept right now that for the rest of your life, any problem or mistake on your child’s part, no matter how big or how small, will make you

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father working with baby

Achieving the work life balance

Unless you are lucky enough to be a bored millionaire who goes to work for fun, most working people do so because they need to. Perhaps you have the job of your dreams to help you pay the bills or perhaps you have the only job you could find. Either way, people often feel ‘trapped’

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