Parenting guilt

hiring a private maternity nurse

Are you suffering the effects of baby quake

What is baby quake? Every parent will tell you that having a baby is life changing, you have gone from a couple who are free to do as they please and only have themselves to worry about, to suddenly having another human being who is totally reliant on you in the home. They are demanding,

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Stressed woman at home

Stress at home: how to cope

Life itself can be stressful and if you throw into the mix working as well as being a parent, then these two full time jobs can take their toll and cause parents to become very stressed while at home. Stress can have a tremendous impact on both the person who is experiencing it and the

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my teenage daughter is pregnant

My teenage daughter is pregnant

My teenage daughter is pregnant! – Probably not the words most parents will relish saying. Drugs, sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy are probably the three major worries a parent has for their children and finding out your teenage daughter is expecting a baby can throw families into turmoil. Parents will encounter a range of

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young carers

Young carers

Young carers are often unsung hero’s in our society and an increasing amount of children in the UK are finding themselves in the position of being a sole carer for their disabled parent or parents. These caring duties consist of anything from daily household chores, helping with medication, emotional support or providing intimate personal care.

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parenting guilt

Parenting Guilt

Parenting guilt is something most working parents have to contend with. Up until I had my children, the most guilt I had ever felt was when I ate a whole pack of Hobnobs and blamed it on the dog. Strong feelings of shame and remorse were entirely new emotions for me, especially when I missed

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Would you take from your childrens savings?

Would you take from your children’s savings?

Times are tough at the moment for many parents but would you take from your children’s savings? Rising heating bills, petrol prices higher than ever before, shopping bills on the increase and rent or mortgage payments hanging over your head every month. At the centre of our world are our children and their well being,

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