Parenting styles

encourage creativity in your children

Keeping your toddler active

Use their energy efficiently Keeping your toddler active can be very challenging at times, especially when you need to focus on other things or even just sit down for a well-earned rest! However, it is important to ensure that toddlers do stay active for a good portion of their day. Try to avoid keeping them

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play and learn with your child

Baby proofing your home

Keeping your child from harm is a parent’s number one priority and baby proofing your home is essential. We may buy the safest cars, pushchairs, car seats and teach them about the dangers in the big wide world, but many parents don’t realise that some of the biggest dangers facing babies and children are actually

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Food Milestones In Children

Weaning your baby?

Are you thinking about weaning your baby? Introducing your baby to solid foods can be a lot of fun for you both. NHS guidelines say that babies are usually ready to begin weaning at around six months old. Before then, only breast milk or infant formula is needed as their digestive systems are not yet

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Am i embarrassing

Am I embarrassing?

As parent’s we may have often asked ourselves ‘am I embarrassing?’ especially when kids reach their teenage years. When our children were young, they would come running out from school with a big hug and kiss for us, were happy to walk round a shopping centre and sit and have ice-cream. Then what seems like

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