Postnatal depression

emotional health

Emotional health

 It is Just as Important as Physical Well-being? Well-being used to be defined by the physical – if you were sick you saw the doctor, and after successful treatment you were deemed to be well again.  It is only in recent years that the concept of emotional health has come to the fore.  The brain

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hiring a private maternity nurse

Are you suffering the effects of baby quake

What is baby quake? Every parent will tell you that having a baby is life changing, you have gone from a couple who are free to do as they please and only have themselves to worry about, to suddenly having another human being who is totally reliant on you in the home. They are demanding,

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therapy for pnd

Complementary therapy for postnatal depression

Postnatal depression (PND) affects up to 15% of new mothers and can come on any time within the baby’s first year.  The causes of PND are not yet full understood and it is widely believed that there is no one thing that brings it on, rather a number of factors combining to result in the

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