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Helping your child learn to read

Helping your child learn to read is undoubtedly a rewarding experience; it doesn’t matter if you view reading as an essential skill, a fabulous form of escapism or a mixture of both, there’s no denying that it is one of the most important and well-used skills we learn as children.  But just like anything else,

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what parents can do to support their children's learning

Encourage creativity in your children

Should you encourage creativity in your children?.A couple of years ago this clip was released which shows Sir Ken Robinson, an English writer and international education in the arts advisor talking about the importance of fostering and developing children’s creativity. He quoted the case of Gillian Lynne whose love of dance had the unusually good

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Child sore knee

My child has injured his knee

What should I do? Knee injuries are all too common in sports-loving children, but unlike other sprains and strains they need to be dealt with especially carefully, as this particular joint is notorious for deteriorating in later life following a childhood accident. This is probably due to the knee being the largest joint in the

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encourage creativity in your children

Keeping your toddler active

Use their energy efficiently Keeping your toddler active can be very challenging at times, especially when you need to focus on other things or even just sit down for a well-earned rest! However, it is important to ensure that toddlers do stay active for a good portion of their day. Try to avoid keeping them

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Child immunisation

Children’s vaccines for beginners

Over the years there have been lots of debates about the effectiveness of children’s vaccines and their possible side effects. With a huge amount of conflicting data, it can be hard for parents to know exactly what to do for the best. Which order do the vaccinations need to be administered? In the first 15

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