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    Helping your children through divorce or separation

    When you have children you never expect that you will be bringing them into a world that one day will be blown apart around them when two parents choose- or are forced by circumstances – to consider separation or divorce. Yet the statistics show it is more common than ever and a simple survey of

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    what is parental responsibility

    Are you a newly single parent?

    It’s really not easy being a newly single parent, you don’t know what to expect and are unsure of what support there is available to you. When most of us decide to start a family it’s with the intention of bringing children up in a two parent family. However, for some this isn’t the reality

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    coping with anxiety

    Coping with anxiety

    Occasional feelings of anxiety are something that most people are familiar with. Coping with anxiety is not an easy task and takes time and tools to make the whole thing a lot easier to cope with. Anxiety is a combination of tension, worry and uncertainty together with a mind that is overly busy and either

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    talking about sensitive issues

    Helping your teenager get over a breakup

    Has their relationship ended and you’re helping your teenager get over a breakup? Well cast your mind back to being a teenager yourself and being in love, totally and utterly in love. Then remember what it felt like when it all ended, it was like the world had stopped spinning, you would never love again,

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    Father daughter activites

    Fathers Rights

    If you are a father facing separation or divorce, your main worry is likely to be what might happen to your relationship with your children. There has been plenty of publicity recently about fathers rights – or rather, the alleged lack of them. Whatever you might think of organisations such as Fathers 4 Justice, they

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