Relationships and sex

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Why do teenagers think their parents are stupid

It’s a pattern that’s been repeated through the decades. Why do teenagers think their parents are stupid? We have may have qualifications, challenging jobs, and manage the family budget, but we don’t know what lol means! Yes of course its laugh out loud, but until recently I did think it was lots of love. So

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Smart Shopping Tips

Shopping addiction

Shopping for most of us is a fun experience; online or on the High Street, it can be a delightful way to while away a few hours, and liberate some of the hard-earned cash from your bank account in exchange for bags and boxes of new clothes, household gems or gadgets – whatever floats your

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Disrespectful teens

Are you living with someone who seems to ignore you, refuses to listen to your point of view and frequently causes arguments? Welcome to the world of living with a teenager. Not all young people are difficult to live with, but when your loving child turns into a disrespectful teen, what can you do? How

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Suicide in young people

Child Suicide Having a child commit suicide is probably the most unthinkable and unbearable situation for any parent, but with 100,000 adolescents taking their own life every year,suicide in young people is an issue that needs to be addressed. Many young people go through times where they feel overwhelmed and lost and need help and

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Passing on life skills to help children grow

Top 5 Life Tips To Teach Your Kids As parents we are constantly teaching our children. Hold your spoon like this, say please and thank you, put this shoe on this foot. Every day we are passing on life skills to help children grow and develop. Money Matters Teaching children to look after their finances

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Young people watching porn

Talking about porn to your child An alarming number of adolescents, girls as well as boys are reported as regularly viewing porn sites and using what they see as inspiration for their own ‘sexting’ – the texting of sexually explicitly images of themselves. This situation is causing many youngsters to feel pressured to have sexual

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