Relationships and sex

teenagers on holiday

Teenagers on holiday: Advice for when your child goes away

You know it’s going to happen sometime, but it’s enough to strike fear onto the hearts of many a parent- Teenagers on holiday! It’s a rite of passage that has been hyped-up to frightening proportions by some sensationalist TV shows that depict out of control teens behaving badly on sunny Mediterranean islands. The reality for most

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Teenage abortion

Supporting your teenage daughter through an abortion An abortion, also known as a termination, is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so that it doesn’t result in the birth of a baby. Even thought it’s an extremely common process (one in four pregnancies end in abortion), it can be extremely shocking and upsetting to

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Violence in teenage relationships

One of the most shocking more recent issues to develop in the lives of young people is that of violence in teenage relationships. Whilst it may not be a completely new thing to deal with the statistics indicate that it is an increasing area of concern. In 2009 a study showed that 27% of girls

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my child is gay

You think your child is gay

A recent survey by Yougov showed that 81% of people polled in Britain said they felt they would be comfortable if their child was gay, lesbian or bisexual (GLB) and with recent changes in the law about civil partnerships and gay rights to have children, lots of concerns that previously held quite a lot of

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sex at 13

My teenager is having sex

Eeek!!!!! When the kids are small any thoughts of boyfriends/girlfriends and the physical complications they bring couldn’t be further from your parental mind.  Then adolescence and puberty set in, and your little ones start to change – on the inside, and the outside too.  Whilst they may still seem to be children, they are rapidly

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daughters breakup

Daughters breakup

A Dads guide A daughters breakup can be painful and difficult for a dad to witness,when this happens then you can find yourself trying to decide whether or not you’re too pretty for prison, and the legal definitions of murder and man slaughter. It can be hard any time your daughter is upset, but when

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