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daughters boyfriend

Daughters boyfriend

How to React When Your Daughter Introduces Her First Boyfriend I have a five year old daughter, and although this subject is one I won’t have to face for some time, it stills scares me in the same way clowns scare normal people. I am dreading those words, ‘Dad, this is my boyfriend’, and how

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Pre-teen development: what to expect

Raising children seems to be a never ending series of milestones and defining moments and it is a comfort to know you can prepare for each one by knowing what to expect. Puberty can be a difficult time for both boys and girls and parents can expect to see significant changes occurring in girls from

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teenagers on holiday

Talking to your teenager about sex

Talking to your teenager about sex is probably a subject not every parent feels comfortable talking about, but with the increase of teenage pregnancies and spread of sexually transmitted diseases, talking to your teenager about sex is really important and keeping channels of communication open at all times will enable your teen to feel they

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Teenage couple

Teenage Relationships: How young is too young?

Many dads may joke about how their daughter won’t be allowed a boyfriend until she’s 30 and mums might claim that no girl will ever be good enough for her son, but sooner or later, they will want to begin dating and forming relationships, but with teenage relationships, how young is too young? Be prepared

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my teenage daughter is pregnant

My teenage daughter is pregnant

My teenage daughter is pregnant! – Probably not the words most parents will relish saying. Drugs, sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy are probably the three major worries a parent has for their children and finding out your teenage daughter is expecting a baby can throw families into turmoil. Parents will encounter a range of

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