Sensitive issues

Teenage girl

Teenage daughters

We all know that it’s coming. Yet when puberty finally arrives, it’s somehow no less of a shock to the parental system. Your sweet, pliable little girl has suddenly been replaced by a moody young woman, who won’t be seen with you in public. If that sounds familiar, here are some survival strategies. Understand what’s

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what will my child do after school

Puberty: The changes your son will go through

Puberty is an awkward necessity we all have to endure and boys are just as conscious about the changes their bodies are going through as girls are. From growing facial hair to developing a deeper voice that can put Barry White to shame; the changes your teenage boy will go through will come at different

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What is ADHD?

When can you leave your child home alone?

Home alone: How old is old enough? Leaving your children alone for the first time is a tricky decision – when can you leave your child home alone? Some 10 year old girls are fully in the know when it comes to puberty, substance abuse and personal safety, whilst some 12 year old boys will

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puberty: changes your daughter will go through

Puberty: Changes your daughter will go through

Your little girl won’t stay your baby forever and before you know it, she will be starting to hit puberty. It’s really important for parents to speak to their children about the changes they will go through both physically and emotionally and offer them guidance and support through what can be a tough time in

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new mortgage lending rules

Preparing the family for a house move

Moving home is stressful for all concerned.  Children can feel especially vulnerable at this time, as they generally have little control over the change, nor any real comprehension of what is involved and the impacts it will have on their lives. Such uncertainty is scary, and your children will need special attention in the time

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drink responsiblyalcohol, row of drinks

Binge drinking and effects

The NHS defines binge drinking as consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short space of time, drinking to get drunk or feel the effects of alcohol. Drinking more than double the daily unit guidelines is also classed as bingeing by the National office of statistics and the government advises that men should not drink

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