Sensitive issues

2014 budget, glasses of wine and alcohol

Alcohol poisoning

Alcohol is a poison and can be lethal. Your body can’t function properly if too much alcohol is consumed in a short space of time because it can only process one unit of alcohol an hour. It can: Lower your blood sugar levels, so you could suffer seizures. Lower the body’s temperature, which can lead

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what is your child looking at online

What is your child looking at online?

What is your child looking at online? Are you aware what they’re up to while they’re glued to their laptop or smart phone? After hearing horror stories of children being bullied online, forming eating disorders from pro-anorexia websites or being groomed by adults posing at children with the intention of meeting up for sex, most

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teenagers on holiday

Talking to your teenager about sex

Talking to your teenager about sex is probably a subject not every parent feels comfortable talking about, but with the increase of teenage pregnancies and spread of sexually transmitted diseases, talking to your teenager about sex is really important and keeping channels of communication open at all times will enable your teen to feel they

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talking about sensitive issues

Talking about sensitive issues with your Teenager

There are things in any parents lives that are more challenging to deal with than others and talking about sensitive issues is one. The button pushers will be different for each parent depending on their own life experiences but there are some issues that seem to raise challenges for most families. Sex drugs and mental

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Teenage couple

Teenage Relationships: How young is too young?

Many dads may joke about how their daughter won’t be allowed a boyfriend until she’s 30 and mums might claim that no girl will ever be good enough for her son, but sooner or later, they will want to begin dating and forming relationships, but with teenage relationships, how young is too young? Be prepared

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teenage mood swings

Teenage Mood Swings

Feeling like you don’t know where you are with your child and their teenage mood swings? You are not alone. Mood swings can be so rapid at this age that you can end up feeling as if you are dealing with several different personalities in the course of just one day.  If you are struggling

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