Sensitive issues

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Should you take a child to a funeral?

Should you take a child to a funeral? It may be a question many of us have asked at some point in our lives but as grown-ups we know that death is a part of life.  We may or may not have been touched by the death of a loved one or close friend personally,

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Child eating disorder

Does your child have an eating disorder?

Does you worry that your child could have an eating disorder? Or are you worried they may be developing one? Eating disorders are complex and difficult to understand for anyone who hasn’t suffered from them, with many myths and common assumptions made about why certain people develop these conditions. For a parent, seeing your child

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Pre-teen boy

Helping your pre-teen through puberty

It probably seems like yesterday that your little bundle of joy was happily gurgling away in their highchair and everything seemed so simple but now you have a pre-teen in the house and suddenly the dynamics are changing… The notion of your baby turning into an adult is certainly a daunting one so being prepared

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is your child self harming

Is your child self harming?

What is it? Is your child self harming or are you worried they might be? Self harm is a condition where people will hurt themselves to express inner feelings or release emotional pain that they just can’t put into words. This release of emotion through physical pain may help them feel better for a short

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my teenage daughter is pregnant

My teenage daughter is pregnant

My teenage daughter is pregnant! – Probably not the words most parents will relish saying. Drugs, sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy are probably the three major worries a parent has for their children and finding out your teenage daughter is expecting a baby can throw families into turmoil. Parents will encounter a range of

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is your child in a gang

Is your child in a gang?

Why do kids join gangs? Is your child in a gang or you’re worried they’re getting mixed up in gangs? Kids join gangs for various different reasons; they may want to feel part of something or that they ‘belong’ , they may have got caught up in the wrong crowd and felt pressure to get

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