Single mums

Tips for meeting your exes new partner

Meeting your ex’s new partner for the first time can be excruciatingly awkward but is often inevitable, especially if you have children together.  The reasons you split up aren’t important here; meeting the new partner of someone you used to (or perhaps even still) love can be difficult whether he broke things off with you

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How do you cope as a single parent when you are ill

When you’re feeling rough all you want to do is curl up and forget about the world, but single parents don’t enjoy that luxury. With sole responsibility for one or more children, the lone parent has no choice but to carry on caring for them, regardless of how they are feeling themselves. Thankfully there are

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Letting your kids walk to school

What age could my child do this? I remember walking to school from a pretty young age.  It was always with our next door neighbour’s son who was a fair bit older than me and the school was visible from our living room window so my mum could watch me go safely through the gates. 

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What makes a good role model

Is there a day goes by when there isn’t a picture of a celebrity splashed across the tabloids behaving badly? Bleary eyed pop stars stumbling out of nightclubs with the stability of Bambi on ice. Or a highly paid sports star furtively leaving a hotel with a mystery female, despite being married with children. It

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Divorce and separation at Christmas

For most people, Christmas will be a happy time full of family fun and festivities. But unfortunately for some, the festive season will only serve to highlight and magnify existing pressures and strains on relationships. In fact, divorce and separation at Christmas is so common that counselling services and divorce lawyers across the country, are

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dealing with loneliness

Dealing with loneliness

Feeling lonely It is human and natural to want to feel connected to others and part of something bigger. We are social beings and relating to others, being heard and accepted and cared about are a big part of our innate nature. When these needs are not met we can be left with a strong

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