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What Do Men Really Want?

For men there is a secret weapon, a tool we can use to find out what it is that women want, and they are called Women’s Magazines. Any man who says he hasn’t read a section of a woman’s magazine desperately searching for insight into his girlfriend’s point of view is quite simply, lying. Women

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Single dad with child

Single Parent Family Parenting

It is often said that there is no harder job in the world than being a parent, but add the prefix of single to that and the job suddenly becomes a whole lot harder. Once upon a time, being a single parent family had an unshakable stigma attached to the title, with images of maladjusted,

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life as a single parent

Finding a single parent support group

Finding a Single Parent Support Group Life as a single parent can be tough, but you are by no means alone.  Support groups are dotted all over the country and can be a fantastic source of advice, friendship and information.  Groups will quite often have a specific purpose, so do bear this in mind when

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Single mother and little boy

Single parent adoption: Yes it is possible

Adoption offers the opportunity for children to find new families that can provide the love and stability their birth families are unable or unwilling to give them. Those new families can take many forms and who they are is not as important as their ability to provide a loving home for the child. Can I

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single parent dating

Start Dating Again

In the aftermath of separation dating is the last thing on your mind, but as time passes you may find yourself ready to meet someone new.  The chance to start dating again can be daunting, but once you begin you’ll quickly remember the skills and etiquette that served you well first time around. Here are

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Coping with loneliness as a single parent

Meeting the needs of a family alone can leave single parents feeling both exhausted and isolated with little time to think about their own needs and interests.Coping with loneliness as a single parent is really hard sometimes. It is easy to fill every waking hour working, looking after a home and caring for children, yet

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