Single parent dating

Tips for meeting your exes new partner

Meeting your ex’s new partner for the first time can be excruciatingly awkward but is often inevitable, especially if you have children together.  The reasons you split up aren’t important here; meeting the new partner of someone you used to (or perhaps even still) love can be difficult whether he broke things off with you

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dating tips

Tips for dating

How to approach dating… Dating is often a time in our lives that we look back on and wish we’d known then what we know now. There is currently a huge dating industry with online, speed and mobile being just three versions of this thing that we all hope will lead us to true love.If

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Couple on bad date bored

What Can You Learn From a Bad Date?

We’ve all been there, sitting across the table from a person with the personality of a stone, refusing point blank to laugh at your jokes and talking endlessly about their last date and how rubbish it was. You don’t understand what went wrong, when you were talking to them in the pub last week they

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Mum arguing with daughter

How do you Discipline Step Children?

The whole area of the discipline of children is difficult enough, with everyone having their own views about what discipline means, and how it should be carried out. It’s a contentious area, so much so that many couples find it hard to reach agreement about it and find it a frequent cause of arguments. But

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life as a single parent

Finding a single parent support group

Finding a Single Parent Support Group Life as a single parent can be tough, but you are by no means alone.  Support groups are dotted all over the country and can be a fantastic source of advice, friendship and information.  Groups will quite often have a specific purpose, so do bear this in mind when

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single parent dating

Start Dating Again

In the aftermath of separation dating is the last thing on your mind, but as time passes you may find yourself ready to meet someone new.  The chance to start dating again can be daunting, but once you begin you’ll quickly remember the skills and etiquette that served you well first time around. Here are

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